Persian spices

Spices can often be described as the soul of many foods and beverage recipes. They are also considered for their wonderful health benefits. Nevertheless, they should always be used alongside a balanced and healthy lifestyle plan. With a foundation for great taste, they can inspire many cooking, baking and beverage recipes on the homestead. We at Camelēr Spice Co. offer a plethora of premium Persian spice mixes, which we mill and blend ourselves in-house. We carefully source top-quality ingredients that you might struggle to find in your local supermarket. Black Lime (Loomi), Fenugreek Leaves (Methi) and Rose Petals are just some examples that our Persian collection encompasses. Fuelling emotional positivity and good health, our heritage collection of Persian spice blends will tantalize the senses of taste and smell.  Our fresh and natural spices can play a pivotal role in a well-stocked kitchen pantry, for you to bring the convenience element to cooking and baking. If you love sweet and warming flavours in desserts, grassy honeyed notes in stews or tangy and fruity notes with a light kick of heat to your salmon, then this is a collection worth exploring. Well-balanced flavours with complex alchemy will introduce you to flavours you might not have experienced before with our Persian spices. However, some of you worldly individuals may just want to recreate a Persian dish from your favourite restaurant or from a trip you might have made to Iran. 

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Enhance the taste of food with our artisanal spices.

We sell first-class Persian mixtures. Why not try our collection of 5 blends that have traditional uses for soups, stews, rice dishes, fish and sweet puddings.   

Advieh Ash: Literally means spice soup. It is important to note that it is not "spice" in the sense of heat. It is sweet and earthy with nutty and maple undertones. It is heavily laced with fenugreek leaves (Methi) and warming notes from cinnamon and nutmeg amongst other ingredients. 

Advieh Berenj: This aromatic blend encompasses rose petals, pungent cardamom and earthy flavours such as turmeric alongside other spices adding great depth to savoury rice dishes. It is guaranteed to add complexity that is typically missing from white rice. 

Quality Food Awards Badge 2021

Advieh-E Halegh: An award-winning - "Highly commended" badge from the Quality Food Awards in 2021 was given to this sweet Persian mix. Subtle, but sweet fragrant notes add an elevated dimension to many puddings and cakes. It is infused with rose petals, ginger and cinnamon amongst other spices. Traditionally used in desserts such as custard or rice pudding it truly lends itself to fruits such as apples and rhubarb. It can also work very well in cocktails and breakfast dishes like overnight oats. 

Great Taste Award 2022Advieh-E Koresh: Our 2022 Great taste award winner is very complex. It is earthy and floral with light bitter notes and a luxurious nuance from the saffron and black lime when it comes to flavour. There is a heavy matrix of rose petals and saffron with several spices that give an instant hit of a grassy honeyed scent. Traditionally this would be used with red meats. Lamb stews and lamb kebabs. It also pairs well with goat, beef and venison and gamey meats. Customers tell us they use it on chicken thigh tray bakes and a leading 5-star London hotel uses it in risotto. 

Advieh Mahi: Mahi literally translates to fish in Persian and advieh is precisely transcribed as a spice in Persian. This is a unique blend of piquant alchemy. A kaleidoscope of flavours like fenugreek leaves (Methi), turmeric, and various other herbs and spices mean this beautiful mixture is full of natural benefits. The marriage with various fish recipes such as kedgeree, simple cod or hake makes it a delicious pairing to get those added omega-3 benefits.


 Procure our fresh and natural Persian spices

Camelēr Spice Co. brings you a rich collection of Persian spice blends made with an authentically inspired formula that delivers luxurious alchemy. Based on extensive research, these heritage blends have been curated by our co-founder, alchemist. Our experts' mill and blend the spices in-house to deliver pungent and piquant mixes with longer-lasting and superior quality in beautiful brown glass jars that can be recycled with aluminium lids. Our Persian spices are 100% natural, free from sugar, and preservatives, and have low to zero sodium which means you get great taste and the added health benefits all in one. Vegan by default, our mixtures have been inspired by historical cookbooks to give our customers authentic and unique tastes built on tradition, culture and legacy. If you are looking for inspiration and simple ways to invigorate and innovate in the kitchen you should check out our Persian recipe collection. A more in-depth history of "Persian Advieh" can be found here. You will find spice blends for all your kitchen requirements from our "spices of the world" catalogue.

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