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Advieh Berenj

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Introducing Advieh Berenj -  This ancient Persian spice mix derives from the Achaemenid Empire, 6th-century BC. A balanced blend of cardamomrose petalturmeric, and other spices that create floral warm and woody notes. All-natural, salt-free, and vegan. Advieh Berenj is sometimes known as Advieh Polo.

Endless culinary adventures - Berenj's mild floral notes have a subtle intensity that elevates rice and pilaf dishes. It can be used in a couscous salad or with quinoa to add a rich aroma and flavour. Customers have also used this blend in a dirty chai latte! This warming spice mix is perfect for the delicious mixed rice dish 'Loobia Polo' and the crispy Persian rice recipe 'Tahdig'. 

At Cameler Spice Co., we take pride in milling and blending our spices in-house. We do our utmost to use the freshest cooking spices within one year from field to jar. Our main objective is to minimize our supply chain by sourcing ingredients directly from regenerative farms. Indulge in the rich flavours of Advieh Berenj for up to two years, meticulously handwritten on the lid for a personal touch.

The Advieh Berenj blend is most certainly original to the region of Persia. Persian cuisine is many things, but above all, it is colourful, rich and full of flavour. It is also simple, healthy and comforting, with recipes that have nourished and delighted for centuries. Incorporating a cornucopia of ingredients including rose petals, dried fruits and green pistachios, Persian food draws on the land’s rich natural resources and is a feast for the senses.
With the combination of Cinnamon, Rose and Cardamon, you will get a slightly intense and warming flavour. The prime flavour of cinnamon enhances the perception of mild sweetness in other ingredients. The woody, warming qualities play with the receptors on the tongue to partner with some of the other spices superbly. It draws out the floral citrusy notes of the cardamon, harmonising with the warming notes of the cumin and cloves.
Floral, warming and slightly intense, you definitely detect the floral notes of the rose and the cardamon.
How to use
Advieh Berenj literally means “spice rice”. From the clue that is in the title, this Persian blend, is excellent for adding a new dimension to rice dishes. Full of flavour, it is certainly a seasoning you could try on the whole family, children included. Exclusively it is used to elevate and add a complexity to plain white rice dishes. Add 1-2 teaspoons to your rice/pilaf dishes either while cooking, steaming or just before serving. The combination of the cinnamon and the rose petals and the other spices gives a beautiful flavoursome zing. We would encourage you to explore beyond rice and maybe combine with some natural yogurt and use as a subtly spiced chicken marinade and cooked with rice in one pot. You could also use it on rice stuffed vegetables with some olive oil and salt or as a way to create an exciting new flavour for cauliflower rice dishes, as well as lentils and couscous.
Nutritional value
  • per 100g
  • Energy 848kJ/204kcal
  • Fat 3.4g of which Saturates 0.7g
  • Carbohydrate 24g of which Sugars 1.6g
  • Protein 5.0g
  • Salt 0.07g

Weight 20g / 0.70 oz ℮

Comes in an attractive 60ml dark amber, food safe, stackable glass jar with an aluminium lid.

Allergen Information
  • Vegan
  • Low sodium
  • No additives
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives

Some of our blends will be gluten free, but it is important to note that some spices and herbs naturally contain gluten. 

It is also important to note that these have been packaged in a facility that handles, stores, and processes tree nuts and celery. This product may contain traces of celery, gluten, mustard, sesame, soy and nuts.

Always store in a dry place. A pantry, press or cupboard will suffice. We have made that easy by housing our blends in dark amber mason jars under an aluminium lid. Aluminium reflects both heat and light, making it the perfect material for food preservation under its closing. Spice and herb blends typically have a use by date, in our case, 24 months from manufacture.

Ingredients' Benefit

“Gol Mohammadi” is a type of wild rose used in Persian cooking that grows only in certain areas of Iran. Traditionally used as an antidepressant, antiseptic, and to treat anxiety.
Traditionally used as an antiseptic, it is native to the island of Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is harvested from the bark of several tress. The use of cinnamon dates back to 3000BC in Chinese herbalism.
Native to southern India and Sri Lanka. In Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Hindu Medicine) it is used to treat depression, skin conditions, urinary conditions and jaundice.


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