Customer Care

Retention of customers is far more superior than gaining new ones. That is the opinion at Camelēr Spice Co HQ. Of course, we get excited when we get a new follower on social media or when we get a new enquiry for our products. Nevertheless, retention of customers too often gets overlooked. 

If there are quality issues or questions of curiosity, we would hope that you contact us direct to see if we can answer your question. Your satisfaction is super important to us. 

Our attitude has always been that loyalty goes both ways. We appreciate that sometimes we may get it wrong, and we value transparency therefore, we welcome all communications and we will address any issues to the quickest of our ability. 

Open to collaborations, we are open to various relationships that connect with our purpose, vision and values. 

We always welcome feedback of our spice blends. In order to have a future different than our present we sometimes have to change our way of thinking. By listening to you, our customer, we hope that we can grow as a business with great agility whilst remaining grounded with a flavour for innovation. 

We would encourage you to explore and digest the different herbs and spices we use.  Please check out the flavour compounds and health benefits of each ingredient used to make our beautiful blends. Our carefully and scientifically curated 2-minute flavour profile quiz has been designed with you, our customer, in mind. We appreciate that we may be introducing you to a range of flavours that you have not heard of before.  Therefore, we would encourage you to take the quiz to see what blends our questions suggests for you. 

Finally at present you have an opportunity to book a slot to speak with our master blender. This can be booked through HERE or on the home page. 

Finally, the patrons of Camelēr Spice Co are the reason why we get up in the morning.  It may sound cliché, but we are in a community together and the world does not have to be so big. We welcome any creative input you may have, regarding collaborations, recipe ideas, sustainability, even style and content. If a recipe seems to be interesting and we think it has camel legs, then we will run with it, publish and reward in some measure. The creativity is always there to evolve.  As a wise person once said: "what is the point of having a mind if you cannot change it". The same should be said for having a business that focuses on the customer. We evolve and grow together.  

You have the right to ask us:

  • Where is my delivery?
  • How do I request a refund or a return?
  • Why is there a missing item or faulty item?
  • If there is an issue with payment codes or payment types?
  • Trouble with the website or trouble signing in?

We are here to help and learn so that we can grow and thrive together. 

When you need to get in touch you can contact us HERE, or by email to: