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Arabian spices

Spices are the soul of many food and drink recipes. They are often considered for their incredible health benefits. In the kitchen, they invigorate many cooking and baking methods with a foundation of deliciousness. We at Camelēr Spice Co. offer a plethora of high-quality Arabian blends that will make you fall in love with food by fuelling emotional positivity and physical wellbeing. You can find fresh and natural spices for a well-stocked kitchen to enjoy making a scrumptious meal. If you love food, Arabian spices are going to be one of your priorities once you get your hands on the exquisite and unique savoury.

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Enhance the taste of food with our artisanal spices.

We sell first-class Arabian mixtures, try our top products for relishing every bite of your food:

Bãqa: A fragrant blend of spices like Basil, onion powder, Rosemary, and more. Bãqa is a variant of a recipe from medieval Arabian cooking legacy, precisely in the 13th century. The refined mixture of divine aromatic spices is handcrafted to bring out the authentic and unique taste.

Advieh Mahi: Mahi literally translates to fish in Persian and advieh precisely transcribed as a spice in Persian. This is a unique blend of piquant alchemy. A kaleidoscope of flavours like fenugreek leaves (Methi), turmeric, and various other herbs and spices means this beautiful mixture is full of natural benefits. The marriage with various fish recipes such as kedgeree or simple salmon makes it a delicious pairing to get those added omega-3 benefits.

Baharat Gulf of Arabia: This unique regional blend will often come with different ingredients. Our original Bahrart is based on a recipe handed down through generations. A perfect combination of sweetness and smokiness without the spiciness. Full of depth from flavours like dry black lime (loomi), bay leaves and allspice. This mixture is a fiesta of flavour with multiuse options for meat and poultry as a rub or marinade or in Arabian bread and tomato-based sauces.

Hawaij: Perfect for a summer barbecue, Hawaij is a rich and exotic Yemeni spice mixture with a unique aroma and amazing taste, enhancing the goodness of vegetables and curry inspired dishes. It is a perfect blend for the slow cooker or the barbecue. An intense warming blend with citrusy notes, literally translating as “mixture” in Arabic. Full of nutritional benefits such as Caraway and Turmeric and lots more spice alchemy.

Get your hands on fresh and natural Arabian spices

Camelēr Spice Co. brings you a rich collection of Arabian spice blends made with a premium spice mix formula. Based on extensive research, the authentically inspired blends have been curated by our co-founder, alchemist. Our experts mill and blend the spices in-house to deliver pungent and piquant mixes with longer lasting and superior quality. Our Arabian spices are 100% natural, free from sugar, preservatives, and have low to zero sodium which means you get great taste and the added health benefits all in one. Many of our mixtures have been created with inspiration from historical cookbooks to give our customers authentic and unique tastes built on heritage. Whether you are looking for inspiration for Arabian bread baking, barbecue spices, or mixtures for curry style dishes and more, you will find spices for all your kitchen requirements from our blends catalogue.

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