Mediterranean spices

Spices are the starting point for many food and drink recipes. They are often considered for their incredible health benefits. If you go back 3,000 years you will find the birth of "Ayurveda" an alternative medicine system, built for the mind, body and soul to live a healthier life. Spices and herbs are heavily relied on in "Ayurveda" alternative medicine whose origins come from the Indian subcontinent. In the kitchen, they invigorate many cooking and baking methods with a foundation for pure deliciousness. The Romans were also known to heavily relied on a plant-based diet with herbs and spices. We at Camelēr Spice Co. offer a couple of high-quality Mediterranean spice mixes that we mill and blend, ourselves in-house. We carefully source top-quality ingredients that deliver complex and interesting worldly flavours. Fuelling emotional positivity and physical well-being, our heritage range of Mediterranean spice blends should be part of your spice arsenal. Our fresh and natural spices can play a pivotal role in a well-stocked kitchen pantry. If you love smoky and well-balanced flavours or delicate herbaceous seasonings with garlicky undertones and citrusy notes then Mediterranean spices will bring a whole new dimension to your day-to-day cooking. 

If you would like to explore more about Mediterranean spices? Select one of the following. 

Enhance the taste of food with our artisanal spices.

We sell first-class Mediterranean spice blends. Why not try our top products for relishing every bite of your food:

Sofrito: A 14th-century spice blend made up of dehydrated fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. A fragrant spice mix that is sweet, and tomatoey with herbaceous undertones.  It can transport you to your favourite Mediterranean holiday. The mouth-watering layers of this blend are traditionally used in Catalan and Spanish cuisine. Think tapas. Rich tomato sauce for fish or a great seasoning for Spanish meatballs (Albondigas) with pork mince. Often customers suggest that this can be used in Italian cuisine. It certainly does remind you of the Mediterranean. It can lend itself to bread baking, soups and an excellent homemade gravy. The spice mix alchemy of Sofrito is bursting with the flavours of lemon peel, tomato powder, thyme and nutmeg to name but a few. 

Vegetō: Inspired by the oldest surviving cookbook in Roman history. "De Re Coquinaria". It draws from the heritage and recipes found in this ancient cookbook by the great Roman merchant and gourmet "Marcus Gavius Apicius" It is considered to originate from the 1st Century A.C.E. and arguably it is the foundation of Italian cuisine. "A[picius" was a Roman lover of luxury and Vegetō is the epitome of what this blend embellishes. Apicius was known to throw lavish dinner parties and this blend with its smoky base and peppery heat is sure to invigorate your very own recipe collection. Super versatile and vegan by default, two teaspoons for a full roast chicken with some olive oil as a marinade or a pinch for a full avocado on sourdough. A little of this spice blend with flavours like basil, parsley and paprika means a little goes a long way.  

Procure our fresh and natural Mediterranean spices

Camelēr Spice Co. brings you a rich collection of Mediterranean spice blends made from a lengthy time in a test kitchen to get the balance right. Based on extensive research, these historically inspired blends have been curated by our co-founder, alchemist. Our experts mill and blend the spices in-house to deliver pungent and piquant mixes with longer-lasting and superior quality, assisted by our beautiful brown glass jars, that block out harsh light. Our Mediterranean spices are 100% natural, free from sugar, and preservatives, and have low to zero sodium which means you get great taste and the added health benefits all in one. Perfect for displaying on your counter worktops. Many of our mixtures have been inspired by historical cookbooks to give our customers authentic and unique tastes built on tradition, culture and legacy. Whether you are looking for inspiration for bread, or simple ways to invigorate breakfast and more, click here. You will find further inspiration for all your kitchen requirements from our "spices of the world" catalogue.

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