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Advieh Ash

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Introducing Advieh Ash - This ancient Persian spice mix derives from the Achaemenid Empire, 6th-century BC. An earthy, nutty blend with rich undertones. Highlights of fenugreek leaves, cumin seeds and nutmeg. All natural, salt-free, and vegan. 

Endless Culinary Adventures - Advieh Ash is the ideal accompaniment for soups, lentils, and noodles. Customers also love it in couscous salad, stews and ramen-style dishes. and rice dishes. Just a pinch of this exquisite blend will elevate your soup to the next level.

At Cameler Spice Co., we take pride in milling and blending our spices in-house. We do our utmost to use the freshest cooking spices within one year from field to jar. Our main objective is to minimize our supply chain by sourcing ingredients directly from regenerative farms. Indulge in the rich flavours of Advieh Ash for up to two years, meticulously handwritten on the lid for a personal touch.

There are many different Advieh blends suited to different dishes and recipes. Common in Persian and Mesopotamian cuisine, in today’s geographical terms this blend originates from the regions of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Herodotus, the Greek historian, was seduced by ancient Persian spices. Known as Advieh, pronounced (/æd-v/) it loosely translates from Farsi to mean “spice mixture.”
Our key ingredient- Fenugreek leaves (often know as methi in Asian subcontinent cuisine) – can typically be eaten as a vegetable or dried and used as a herb. In our case, the herb has a smoky, earthly, subtle sweet maple flavour. Paired with cloves, black pepper and cumin compliments this blend, enhancing the flavour profiles.
Smoky but fruity and with a nutty aroma.
How to use
If you love soup but you sometimes feel like it is missing some depth, then this is the blend for you. Soup is great for lunch ideas or even as a healthy snack. It is your very own secret ingredient to add during cooking or to sprinkle over just before serving. In addition to soups, it is the perfect finish to many bone broth concoctions. Just a few pinches, will add a whole new dimension to a simple tomato, leek and potato or chicken soup and poultry broths. It will also go particularly well with a lentil or squash-based soup. Great for batch cooking and freezing, making it quick and easy for a lunch on the go.
Nutritional value

per 100g Energy 1132kJ/272kcal

Fat 13g of which Saturates 1.5g

Carbohydrate 20g of which Sugars 2.7g

Protein 11g

Salt 0.25g


Weight 19g / 0.62 oz ℮ 

Comes in an attractive 60ml dark amber, food safe, stackable glass jar with an aluminium lid.

Allergen Information
  • Vegan
  • Low sodium
  • No additives
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives

Some of our blends will be gluten free, but it is important to note that some spices and herbs naturally contain gluten.

It is also important to note that these have been packaged in a facility that handles, stores, and processes tree nuts and celery. This product may contain traces of celery, gluten, mustard, sesame, soy and nuts.

Always store in a dry place. A pantry, press or cupboard will suffice. We have made that easy by housing our blends in dark amber mason jars under an aluminium lid. Aluminium reflects both heat and light, making it the perfect material for food preservation under its closing. Spice and herb blends typically have a use by date, in our case, 24 months from manufacture.

Ingredients' Benefit

Fenugreek Leaves
Native to the eastern Mediterranean region, fenugreek leaf is considered great for gut health, a healthy scalp and hair growth. The leaves have a less intense flavour than the seeds.
Cumin Seeds
Thought to be native to Egypt’s Nile valley and the Eastern Mediterranean region, it is traditionally taken to aid digestion and to relieve flatulence. 
Native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe region, it is one of the earliest consumed spices in the world with origins to 5,000 BC. Traditionally it was used to treat ulcers and stomach problems. 


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