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Spice spoons are typically not exact measurements, but they can be a useful tool for scooping out small amounts of spice mixes in recipes.

Spice spoons come in a variety of sizes, usually ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon. However, there can be slight variations in the size of each spoon, and the amount of spice that can be held in each spoon can depend on the density of the spice being measured.

It is worth investing in a proper set of measuring spoons. Our sustainable handcrafted bamboo spice spoon can be used for scooping out all of the deliciousness that comes from "our spices of the world"

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The perfect tool to scoop out all the spice goodness.

You should note that a teaspoon of ground cinnamon may weigh less than a teaspoon of ground nutmeg due to differences in their densities. The same can be said for a teaspoon of Advieh-E Khoresh in comparison to our Sofrito. Therefore, using a spice spoon to measure out a teaspoon of each spice may not result in the exact same amount of spice being added to a recipe, but nevertheless, it works as a good guide. 

If you do need precise measurements for a recipe, it is recommended to use a kitchen micro scale or measuring cups and spoons that are calibrated to a specific volume.

A pinch of spice is a very small amount, typically less than 1/8 teaspoon. It is often used as a rough estimate or to add a hint of flavour to a dish without overpowering it.

It is generally considered to be the amount of spice that can be held between the tips of the thumb and forefinger when they are brought together.

A masala dabba spoon is also not a standardized size, so its size can vary depending on the manufacturer or the region where it is used.

A masala dabba is a traditional Indian spice box that typically contains several small containers or compartments for storing various spices. The spoon that comes with the masala dabba is usually small and designed to fit into individual spice containers.

The size of the spoon can range from approximately 1/8 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon, depending on the size of the container and the intended use of the spice. However, since there is no standard size for a masala dabba spoon, you should use specific measuring spoons or micro scales if you want to be super precise. 

Spoons have been used for cooking and serving food for thousands of years, and many different types of spoons have been developed over time for specific tasks. Our beautiful gifting extra "Spice Spoon" is purely specific to "our spices of the world" collection. 

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