Yemeni spices

Used in an array of Middle Eastern cuisines. Yemeni spice mixes often have a rich, earthy, and peppery profile. All purpose, suitable for poultry, meat, fish, and vegetables. Yemeni spices an be used as seasonings, marinades, or for curing. Whether for a summer barbecue or winter comfort food, they elevate flavours seamlessly.

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Camelēr Spice Co. brings you the best that Yemen has to offer in Yemeni spice blends made with a specific spice mix formula that delivers premium alchemy. There is a savoury Hawaij mix for food and a sweet spiced Hawaij for coffee in Yemeni cuisine. Based on extensive research, this savoury heritage blend has been curated by our co-founder, alchemist. Our experts' mill and blend the spices in-house to deliver pungent and piquant mixes with longer-lasting and superior quality. Our Yemeni spices are 100% natural, free from sugar, and preservatives, and have zero salts, meaning you get great taste and the added health benefits all in one. Many of our mixtures have been inspired by ancient cultures to give our customers authentic and unique tastes built on generational traditions, and legacy. If you are looking for inspiration on how you can use Hawaij, then click on recipes here.  You will find spices for all your kitchen requirements from our "spices of the world" catalogue.

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