Ethiopian spices

Spices are the focal point for many food and drink recipes. They are often considered for their incredible health benefits. In the kitchen, they invigorate many cooking and baking methods with a foundation for pure deliciousness. We at Camelēr Spice Co. offer high-quality Ethiopian spice mixes from the Horn of Africa. We mill and blend them ourselves with 100% green energy in-house. We carefully source top-quality ingredients that deliver complex and interesting worldly flavours. Fuelling emotional positivity and physical well-being, our heritage range of Ethiopian spice blends will entice you into trying new recipes and invigorating familiar dishes. Our fresh and natural spices can play a pivotal role in a well-stocked kitchen pantry so that you can enjoy making a host of diverse meals. If you love sweet, spicy and deep aromatic flavours then Ethiopian spices will bring a new warming and spicy depth to your next dish. 

If you would like to explore more about Ethiopian spices? Select one of the following. 

Enhance the taste of food with our artisanal spices.

We sell a first-class Ethiopian mixture. Why not try our top product for relishing every bite of your food:

MITMITA: A rich, spicy fragrant blend with malt-like toasty notes. Traditionally used as a tabletop seasoning in Ethiopia like we would use salt and pepper condiments. This Ethiopian blend certainly has a kick in the seasoning alchemy with its birdseye chillies. It makes an epic rub for beef steak and goes great in a beef mince or turkey mince burger. You can also pair it as a marinade with some oil for shrimp such as prawns or even as a base for a Bloody Mary cocktail for brunch. 

Procure our fresh and natural Ethiopian spices

Camelēr Spice Co. brings you an epic Ethiopian spice blend made with an authentically inspired spice mix formula that delivers a specific "heat" foundation. Based on extensive research, this heritage blend has been curated by our co-founder, alchemist. Our experts' mill and blend the spices in-house to deliver pungent and piquant mixes with longer-lasting and superior quality. Our Ethiopian spices are 100% natural, free from sugar, and preservatives. They have low to zero sodium which means you get great taste and the added health benefits all in one. Many of our mixtures have been inspired by ancient cuisines and traditions to give our customers authentic and unique tastes built on culture and legacy. Whether you are looking for inspiration for cocktails or simple ways to invigorate meat and poultry you will find recipes here to inspire. For the full collection of Camelēr Spice Co dry ingredient blends, then check out our "spices of the world" catalogue.

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