Celery Salt - How To Use


It is a seasoning made with salt and ground celery or lovage, with a somewhat grassy flavour. Celery salt is typically three parts salt and two parts celery seed. Celery seeds themselves are bitter, savoury and lemony with a warm earthy taste. The bitter substances are destroyed by heat when cooking. 


So, is celery salt healthier than normal table salt? 

As you may not be aware, table salt is typically high in sodium. Sodium is known to increase the risk of high blood pressure and stroke when consumed in large amounts. Consequently, celery salt will not increase your risk of known diseases. Celery seeds have a stronger flavour than stalks and leaves. Contrary to some belief, celery salt isn't just for Bloody Marys, although would it be that bad if it were the case? 

Interesting Facts

  • For over 3000 years, celery was a staple in the diets of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks and Romans intertwined celery leaves into the crowns of winners of sports events with the Romans also adding the seeds to bread, wine, cheese and soups.
  • In medieval Europe, celery was considered an aphrodisiac.
  • By the 17th Century, a new kind of celery came into existence, introduced by Italians, the celery we know today. However, its wild relative "smallage", which celery can also be known as, is the variety that is still cultivated today for its seeds that are part base of celery salt. Various blogs suggest that celery salt is the secret ingredient in KFC chicken.
  • Celery contains eighty per cent water, although contrary to belief, it is not zero calories.
  • Celery seeds contain the highest amount of the allergen of the celery plant, so if you are allergic to celery, you should stay well clear of celery salt. 

Chief Flavour Compound

Limonene: (citrus, herbal and turpentine) the herbal taste of the spice is produced by lactone compounds called phthalides, where trace amounts give a deep flavour. Both black pepper and coriander share the limonene compound.

Blends to try with Celery Salt

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