Bloody Maria

Mouth Puckering Bloody Maria. The perfect kickstart to a weekend brunch.
5' + 5' preparation & cooking time
2 serve


  1. One handful of ice cubes
  2. 100 ml of Tequila by @aquarivatequila
  3. 500 ml of tomato juice by @bigtomtomato
  4. 1 TBSP of Lemon juice
  5. 3 dash of Worcestershire sauce
  6. 3 dash of Tabasco (optional)
  7. 1 tsp MITMITA by Camelēr Spice Co


  1. One Lemon wedge, plus two slices
  2. Two tsp MITMITA by Camelēr Spice Co
  3. Two Celery sticks
  4. Two candied bacon
  5. Two cherry tomatoes
  6. Two stuffed green olives
  7. Two cornichons


  1. Begin by preparing your desired garnishes. 
  2. Prepare two slim Jim highball glasses by rubbing the rim with the lemon wedge. On a flat plate/surface, add 2 tsp of MITMITA spice blend by 

    Camelēr Spice Co and swirl the glasses rim side, to coat with the spice mix. Depending on your audience, add fresh ice to the glasses or remove. 

  3. Fill a Boston Cocktail shaker (the larger of the two tins) with ice, and all of the ingredients, cover with the smaller of the two tins and give a rigorous shake in a figure of 8 motion. See method and history of the cocktail shaker here if needed. If you do not have a Boston Cocktail shaker, get a large jug and stir vigorously. Stirring or shaking until the mixture feels cold to the touch and homogenised.  
  4. Using the round gizmo with the spring 'Hawthorne strainer', insert into the larger of the cocktail shaker tins so that you can leave the ice behind. You or your guests might prefer not to have ice as to not dilute the taste or avoidance of excessive freeze. (This is only required if you are using the cocktail shaker)
  5. Pour the cocktail into prepared glasses and garnish with your desired accompaniments. Mouth Puckering. 
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