Intuitive cooking

We came across an article recently about “intuitive cooking”.

We thought what does that actually mean? Intuitive cooking?

Research suggests that in the current climate, intuitive cooking might be a fun and interesting approach as to how we cook and bake when at home.

Energy price hikes, rises in interest rates, rapid inflation, the war in Europe, an ongoing pandemic, and supply chain challenges are everyday headlines. The list is endless as to the daily tests that we are all encountering in one format or another.

As we type, we are all affected by energy prices and inflation. By the end of the 2022, it is said that the price of grain will be astronomical and in short supply due Ukraine been the bread basket of Europe. It is not just grain. When we think about Co2 it is in everything from carbonated drinks to fertiliser, all of which has a knock-on effect in various supply chains as a whole for the future.

Intuitive cooking is an exercise that is built upon 3 simple principles.

  • The well-stocked pantry
  • Changing the strategy as to how you might cook and bake in the kitchen.
  • Batch cooking rather than the meal prep approach.

At present, there is a shortage of cooking oil whether that be vegetable, rapeseed or another.

With energy price rises due again in October of 2022, perhaps we should get into the habit of doubling up on the quantity of meals we prepare and using our time and energy more wisely. Energy been gas and electric. Nevertheless, as much as it might allow you to be more spontaneous and creative in the kitchen when it comes to cooking for yourself and the family, it also instils a disciple of mindfulness as we go into an unprecedented journey.

You might be staring into your kitchen cupboard with a good excuse to use up ingredients, rather than letting ingredients go out of date. It might be a simple approach to eating fruit, vegetables and fish or meat that is in season, or locally sourced. All with the added benefit of being more sustainable and a carbon footprint reduction. Of course, we do realise that this is not always pragmatic, but its good to keep an open mind.

If you want to enhance your creativity when it comes to cooking, baking or cocktail making, then check out our wonderful Cameler Spice Co spice blend collection that stretches from the silk road into North Africa and into Europe.

We all have the ability to create dishes for all occasions and whether it be following a recipe or experimenting, it can be fun and satisfying. Get to know your ingredients and create that fiesta of flavours. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, when it comes to your own kitchen institution.

Fundamentally spice mixes should be one of those pantry staples to get you inspired when you might want to create your favourite restaurant experience. Of course, we know that it is not just spices that need stocking in a cupboard. Most of our spice blends are multipurpose in how you can use them. Therefore, you can have lots of fun when it comes to bringing some of your recipe creations to life or you can also get inspiration from our recipe section here.

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