Oregano - How To Use

Profile Italian cuisine gets much of its considerable zest from oregano. The spice ajwain has notes of oregano amongst anise and black pepper in its profile. Oregano is part of the mint family, native to Eurasia and the East Mediterranean region. Health It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, often used to treat respiratory tract infections. Interesting Facts The ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite invented oregano to give to your man to make him happier. Perhaps we all need a little bit of oregano. After the second world war, it arrived in America by soldiers who came across it during the Italian campaign. It is considered more flavourful when dried than when fresh. It is considered a powerful antiseptic. Folklore myths suggested oregano mixed with olive oil would cure baldness by rubbing it on your head. People would also grow it near their home to protect from evil. In the Greek translation, it means "joy of the mountains". Oregano is another herb placed under your pillow to bring on psychic dreams. Chief flavour profile Thymol: (thyme, penetrating and cooling) is a flavour compound found in Oregano. Individuals often detect a similarity between oregano and nigella because of a medicinal tasting compound they both shares. Bay, nutmeg and nigella all compliment the oregano profile.

Blends to try with Oregano

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